About Folio

The Folio Partnership was established in 2006 by Paul Thorner and Rosie Pitt-Watson. Our work is predominately in the public and charitable sector across England and Wales. We have supported organisations and individuals with one-off assignments and ongoing projects as they address their specific business challenges.

Our values and beliefs

Since its inception in 2006, the Folio Partnership has built its business around three strong values:

  • At the core of our practice is a belief that every piece of work must be done exceptionally well; if we think we cannot do a job to a very high standard, then we prefer to say no. If we feel that a client’s problem might be better addressed in a way that does not involve using us, we will always advise them of that and suggest an alternative approach.
  • We offer unbeatable value for money. Good consultancy support is never cheap, but we believe it doesn’t have to be expensive either. By keeping our overheads to a minimum, we can provide you with the support you need and a solution to your challenges at rates significantly lower than our larger competitors. We deliver director-level consultancy at rates normally associated with junior consultants.
  • And finally, we will always ‘tell it like it is’. Too many consultancies are inclined to tell a client what they think they want to hear. We promise that we will always share our conclusions with you honestly and clearly. We see our role as being to help you achieve success; and delivering difficult messages is often an essential part of that process.

Our clients tell us that we ”under-promise, and over-deliver”. That is the feedback of which we are most proud, and a standard which we constantly strive to maintain.