We carry out a wide range of consultancy assignments for public sector and charitable organisations. As well as general strategic consultancy, we have particular expertise in the following areas:

Business Case advice, guidance & training
Business Case support and development
Workshop design & facilitation
Strategy and Business Plan development

  • Advice, guidance and training on the development of business cases using the Five Case Model. This is HM Treasury’s ‘gold standard’ for spending decision making. We have unrivalled expertise in its use and application, both in its pure form and through adapting its principles to meet the specific needs of a wide range of organisations in their governance processes. As well as typical capital projects, the Five Case Model is particularly helpful for organisations needing to prioritise spending, or looking to make tough choices in a challenging environment. A greater insight into the Five Case Model can be found on our sister website
  • Support to the development of business cases, either leading the process or acting as an ‘expert friend’ in reviewing drafts. Our preference is to support the client’s internal team, both to build ownership and also to enable skills transfer from ourselves to them. However, we recognise the constraints and pressures that organisations may be under, and we will do as much or as little of the ‘hands on’ business case development as is required.
  • Workshop design and facilitation, whether for small, internal team development or major multi-stakeholder events. We help our clients to establish clarity on the workshop aims, then design an event to achieve what they need it to do. We have a reputation as expert facilitators who ensure full engagement, participation and contribution by all concerned.  More recently, team and stakeholder events have been carried out successfully using video-conferencing technologies; in some circumstances, this can be a low-cost approach and avoids travel costs and venue pressures.
  • Strategy and Business Plan development .  We have assisted a very wide range of clients to develop their strategies and business plans.  We believe that the development of strategy should in itself be a developmental process for the organisation, and that the approach in each case much be precisely tailored to that organisation’s needs and internal dynamics.  We have worked with the some of the largest and smallest organisations in the UK public sector;  with charities at national and very local level;  with individual teams and with corporate boards.  In every case we work with our clients to ensure the programme of work is focused, outcome-driven and makes maximum progress to demanding timescales, sometimes under extreme external pressures and scrutiny. We make sure the process is used to develop the organisation into a healthy, fit for purpose business.